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EAZ24 is here to help you with your ideas and passions. To help you grow, get to more people and enjoy every aspect of it.

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If you followed the instructions on how to connect your own domain but it’s still not showing up, there are a few reasons for why it might happen:

1) Not enough time has passed since you changed your DNS settings. It can take up to 6 hours for DNS settings to be changed at certain domain registrars.

2) Your DNS settings are not configured properly. There might be old A or CNAME records you need to delete, or you might have entered the wrong details. Double check that.

3) You entered the wrong domain when you first upgraded your website. If that’s the case, go back to the editor and hit ‘Publish’. You’ll then see the domain we linked this website to and an option to ‘Change’ it right below. Click it to change to the right domain.

No, you can’t.

EAZ24 is a full solution and to keep things safe and easy we’re hosting all the websites built with us.

The sites you build with EAZ24  will remain in your account until you delete them, even if they have not been published. 

You can keep your account open and return to building or publishing your site whenever you want.

If you forgot your username / password, it can be easily retrieved.

Yes. You can find valuable information and answers to your questions on our Support page, and our Video Tutorial.

We also offer email support, accessible through the chat tab in the editor.

EAZ24 tools, templates and support are all free.

To get your free website click the green PUBLISH button at the top right corner of the editor.

The limit for free accounts is 50MB per site, The system will notify you when you are approaching or over the limit for your site.

All of our subscriptions include unlimited hosting and emails and have a 7-day money back guarantee.

We’re changing how websites are built.

We Are The Best Website Builder…because you can do a lot more than just a website. Not only that you can build an amazing site but you will sell and convert more visitors into customers with our one-of-a-kind tools

“EAZ24 website builder with its drag and drop system is extremely easy to use and we were finally able to create the exact website we had in mind!”

Forget about the tedious carts and multiple checkout process, these days are over. Welcome the future of selling with One-Step Checkout Sales Funnels!


"We made our platform user-friendly and really intuitive, everyone should be able to use Whitero without any difficulties."

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Dr. Wandera Ogwobo

CEO & Founder, Globopoint Consultants Limited

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